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Anthony's mom said:   March 25, 2011 7:38 pm PST
Hello Romy, It has been awhile and I was thinking about you. Anthony is now one year old. I want to thank you again for being there for us on the big day. You were the doula I needed. Besides having a healthy baby, my goal was to have as natural a birth as possible and to avoid a c-section. I didnâ??t really have any family or friends to school me on giving birth and you gave me a crash course. I knew the hospital system is geared for medication and surgery and that is why I needed a doula. I am glad I found you. I did everything towards the end because I was overwhelmed with work, moving, and stress. I even changed the doctor and hospital at week 39. Who does that? Thank you for sticking with me. You answered my many questions and made yourself available. You helped me to feel safe that I would not let the doctor and hospital control my decisions. You helped me avoid a c-section. You took care of me during the big 17 minute push, and even called to check in on me over the weeks. Thank you for all that you did. I know I was lucky to find you because when I had moved I spoke with a few other doulas. They didnâ??t have the heart, passion, or guts that you have. Thanks again Romy. Lots of love from my family to yours.

Michelle Corona said:   February 26, 2011 9:40 pm PST
hi, Romy! Sorry this took so long! thank you again--having a chance to think back on that day still brings tears to my eyes. You helped me attain my greatest accomplishment:) Here's my testimony of your gifts! I wanted to find a doula because I was planning for a VBAC and didnâ??t feel that my doctorâ??s office was as supportive as I needed them to be. When my husband and I sat down with Romy, we immediately felt comfortable and assured that she would have our backs on the big day. Romy was available to us even before I went into labor. After a somewhat upsetting doctor visit at 39 weeks, I called Romy in tears and she helped me gain some perspective and reminded me of my VBAC goals but most importantly, she helped me feel that I was capable of having the delivery that I wanted. When I finally went into labor, Romy took out her toolbox and helped me relax and work through the labor pains. My husband was able to run around and get himself prepared, come back to us, and with Romyâ??s guidance, help me. At the hospital, Romy stood by my side and made sure that my voice was heard by the nursesâ?? and doctors. After 19 hours of labor, we celebrated our VBAC-DoulaBaby Autumnâ??s arrival. Words cannot express my overwhelming feeling of joy and accomplishment I have in my heart about that day. One thing I know for sure, I would not have been able to do it without Romy. She was a constant support of hope and courageâ??she was our cheerleader and guide. I felt like my husband and I were a better team together with her there guiding us through the labor and am so grateful that she helped us give birth to our little girl. I know I would not have had my VBAC if it werenâ??t for Romy!

Vivian said:   October 28, 2010 11:18 pm PST
Part 3. I read the post of Romy's other client saying that Romy really likes being a doula and I agree. I also feel Romy really likes being a doula and that is important that she likes helping other women with their births and that she is not doing it just for money. I think it is wonderful that Romy is helping other women who needs help with their childbirth because like I said before the L&D nurse won't be there by your side. That is the experience I had with the nurses with both of my births. Finally I just want to add that Romy is a real professional at being a doula and I'm surprised because I did meet other doulas who have been doulas for much longer time than Romy but I think Romy was better than them. If you are reading this I hope my post will help you make your decision but I'm sure once you meet Romy you see for yourself.

Vivan said:   October 28, 2010 11:17 pm PST
Part 2. So to anyone that happens to read this message, I want to let you know that Romy was a wonderful doula that I would recommend to my friends or family. My sister is planning to have a baby next year but she lives in Seattle. If she did live here I would encourage her to have a natural birth and even hire Romy again to help my sister. Having Romy as my doula was like having a girl friend that knows a lot about pregnancy and childbirth that I can rely on. Not only was she available for me for my due date she also help me with phone calls and visits to talk about anything that was bothering me about my pregnancy or birth. I thought this was my 2nd birth so I would know how it would feel to go into labor. I made a few false labor calls to Romy and she was really nice about those and helped me figure out that it wasn't true labor. I was worried that Romy was going to think I'm "crying wolfe" the next time I'm in true labor, but she did not do that she was really supportive each time I called her. When I was really going to the hospital Romy was ready and there to support me as soon as I told her I need her help. Romy is a genuine caring person that I felt very comfortable with. I believe that Romy did help me achieve the natural birth I wanted. It was a quick labor for me but towards the end it did get intense and I was in a lot of pain and having Romy there did help. The labor nurse was gone somewhere and the doctor does not come until the baby is ready to come out so at that intense time when I was in a lot of pain Romy was very helpful. She did coach me and did some massage or pressure points on me but you can ask her that in detail because since I was in labor I can not remember everything. Because Romy was there I was able to send my husband to get some food so that he will be fed and help me with the baby after the birth so I can rest and he be well fed and help out as much as he can with the baby.

George said:   August 20, 2010 10:26 pm PST
Part 1 Let me open by saying Romy is an excellent doula. As a guy I was originally against the idea of hiring help for our labor. But looking back, hiring Romy was a game changer for us and one of the best decisions we made. Our plan was to have a home birth with a midwife. And even though after 4 days of labor we ended up in the hospital (exhausted) we would not have had as good of an overall experience if we didnâ??t have Romy on our side. Romy is one of the most genuine people youâ??ll ever meet. For me itâ??s usually easy to spot people who are really into what they do and those who are faking the funk for the money. Romy definitely loves what she does as a doula. And that sets her apart from some of the other doulas in the area. She is bright, has a very pleasant and warm personality, but she is also a real go getter. She has a way of being persistent and firm in her resolve without being rude or confrontational. In other words sheâ??s an excellent person to have along when things are happening quickly and you could use some help getting things to go your way (especially in the hospital setting where pretty much everything is already stacked against you).

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