Romy Haas L
auprecht, Birth Doula 




Dear Mom-to-Be,  

As your Doula, I will...
  • meet with you at least twice before your birth (time permitting) and, if possible, meet your doctor or midwife and tour your hospital or birth center with you.
  • provide you with the information you need to decide how you would like to labor and birth your baby (create a birth plan).
  • provide telephone and email support throughout pregnancy.
  • help determine if what you are feeling is true labor or Braxton Hicks contractions.
  • meet with you at your home or hospital to support you during labor.
  • stay with you for up to two hours after the birth to ensure that breastfeeding is established.
  • take labor & newborn/family photos if desired.
  • provide one post-partum, at-home visit.

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If you are interested in my Birth Doula services ...

Let's have an introductory phone or email conversation, then set up a time for you and your birth partner to interview me (no cost or obligation). We can meet at your home, my office or other location of your choice. I encourage you to interview at least one or two other Doulas. A good Doula/client fit is essential. You will want to feel like you and your doula are on the same page and share similar birth philosophies. After you choose me, we will get together for the fun stuff...prenatal visits and hospital tours...all in preparation for our wonderful adventure together!

Most doulas have a back up doula, in case of an emergency, illness...or, because babies choose their own birthdates, sometimes moms will begin labor on the same day. I have a network of really great back ups.

Make your baby a DoulaBaby!

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