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About Romy Haas Lauprecht

I am a HypnoBirthing doula (DONA certification pending).  As the mother of two young daughters and a newborn son, not much time has passed since I was in labor, so I know exactly what kind of excellent support a laboring mom needs. I delivered my first daughter vaginally with an epidural and vacuum, and the second, I delivered vaginally with no pain relief or medical intervention (by choice!)...just with the help of my husband and doula!  My third birth was an amazing homebirth.

I became a doula because I am fascinated by and trust in womens' innate ability to birth babies. I am passionate about letting women know that they have choices about birth. Every expecting mom deserves to be empowered with knowledge about their birth options. Mostly, I just want to help other moms achieve the birth of their dreams!

When you decide what kind of birth is right for you (natural, HypnoBirth, epidural assisted, VBAC or c-section), remember that you, your partner and your baby deserve the warm, caring and knowledgeable support of a trained labor companion...a doula!

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Training and Birth Experience:

As a mother:
- April 22, 2007 - birth of my  daughter, Bronwyn
- March 12, 2009 - birth of my daughter, Isla
- November 18, 2011 - birth of my son, Stellan

As a Doula:
36 births as of May 2013.  I assist 1-2 clients per month. I have helped families in hospital settings, at birth centers and at home for home births. 

I have worked with VBAC moms, a mom of twins, single moms, first time moms, second and third time moms, c-section moms, moms who want to deliver naturally with zero interventions, moms who can't wait to have their epidurals and lots of moms in between.

I have done births at these birth centers:
South Coast Midwifery Birth Center in Irvine
Simona's Birth Center in Whittier

November 6-8, 2009 - DONA certified Birth Doula Training with Ana Paula Markel at BiniBirth in Los Angeles.

I am a Hypno Doula!
 I studied HypnoBirthing with Alisha Tamburri in January 2010 and HypnoBabies with Amanda Schutt in May 2011.

Member of DONA (Doulas  of North America)

Member of 
DASC (Doulas Association of Southern California)

Member of theBreastfeeding Task Force of Greater Los Angeles.

ICAN. I am an ICAN of Orange County Professional Supporter!

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